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Wait you have to try out for marching band?

Yup! I’m trying out for the best damn band in the land (OSUMB)

the people who did the super hella rad video game drill

like i’m so super excited for if i make it i may cry

Guys I’m so so sorry that my blog has been really inactive recently! I’m trying out for marching band again and it’s practically eating my life. Also fyi, as soon as it hits august, expect me to die. Like 2 weeks without updating type of die. Band probs


N O R A, a form of Honoria or Honora. It is the feminine form of Honorius and means h o n o u r.

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Oh and the grand prize is an extra hour in my ball pit.
—Ray Narvaez Jr  (via raymondnarvaezjr)
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Love these bois!image

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video games graphic battle | vs. aesfocus
round one ➝ four colors (grey, blue, yellow, red)

The AH crew reacting to Unicum + Ryan appreciating his Diet 
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Ryan in VS #63

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Hi, that @midnight post you made; was there an actual video of it or what? I reallllllly want to see it if there is! Lol

You can watch the video here on the comedy central website, though it only works in the US. If you’re from outside the US, I recommend using the Hola chrome extension, which will let you watch it!

You know, I’ve always had a thing for… tights.

started filming a webseries with my friends and it’s going to be awesome

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RWBY x Peanuts

So yeah I wanted to make something special for getting 2k followers haha.I can’t express how happy I am so decide to draw this.Thank you for following me >w<

For a bigger resolution of the image above,click Here!

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Dont know whats going on here…but i want to be a part of it x’D

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