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rooster teeth employees: arryn zech

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Yes, he CAN do the leg thing.

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Anonymous ;  
So we know your name, but what server are you on?

UHHHH I think north america????
I’m not sure tho I don’t know the servers cuz I’m dumb

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meg tweeting about sam pepper’s new video (x/x

fuck yeah meg 

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A summary of Gavin being Gavin in AHWU #231 (x)

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" show me your best getting swole face."

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omg one of the people that i friended on facebook from a superhero cosplay group thing i went to posted a fanart of lady vav and she’s talking about how british this superhero is and she wonders who she is and what comic she’s from AND i”M JUST SITTING HERE LAUGHING



i’m crying

(credit to giannina)

I’m sorry

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Anonymous ;  
What is your league name, i just started like a month ago and we should do a game or 2 together

My league name is hyt, but I won’t be playing anytime soon with real people because school and also I get really embarrassed playing a game when I’m really new/bad at it so feel free to add me but give me like a week or so until I actually understand the game!



Double Tap

burnie & joel the gauntlet season 2

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